Nectar ACR is AN AGENCY that helps Service, SaaS & E-Commerce companies to maximize profit from on-line marketing campaigns and generate more leads.

We optimize Adwords, Facebook and other online marketing campaigs to increase Roi and decrease CAC.

We improve your conversion rate by running data-driven optimization activity.

We design your Retention Program to maximize LTV of your Database.


Acquisition Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Retention Optimization

Adwords & Facebook ads are powerfull but crazy expensive instruments. if not done right you are wasting tons of money.

We apply years of experience with extensive testing and improving you ROI and CAC

Your website is a leaking bucket. Every user attracted with marketing activity is at risk to be lost forever.

We design your landing and campaign pages with 100% data driven approach to achieve high conversion, top usability.

Your user database is the most valuable asset of your business.

We design expert retention program to increase LTV of your users. Applying proper segmentation helping us to discover super profitable niches and then to create appropriate program.

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As a digital agency we concentrate on PPC acquisition model with primary expertise in Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebooks ads. Google Partners banner you see on the top of this web site means that we are completely certified to represent Google advertising products to our clients.

Very important is that we learned paid advertising by using money out of our own pocket. Andriy, who is our managing partner is behind $3mln e-commerce business - CanaFlora and he has built primarily based on PPC ads and financing out of his own money. This is what makes a huge difference in our business approach. We have learned it hard way and not using our clients money.

Who is our ideal client:

1. Existing PPC user who is not happy with results achieved

2. New PPC user who is planning to spend on PPC 10k$+

3. Massive PPC users who are looking to outsource part of their PPC process like Google Shopping, App downloads campaigns etc

Our Acquisition Optimization Process:

1. We start with the deep research of existing PPC campaigns or/and client's business itself

2. Installing and maintaining all proper tools we use to make sure optimal acquisition: Google Analytics, KissMetrics, UserTesting, User behavior recording tools etc

3. Set up initial Campaigns and launch them with limited budget mode

4. Reach profitability and then scale

5. Set up permanent test practice to improve CTR, Quality Score etc

6. Set up alternative Landing Pages to challenge existing one on Conversion Rate

7. Set up additional tools to improve Conversion Rate and Assisted Conversion rate like Live Chat, Exit Overlays etc


Conversion Optimization or CRO is a relatively new direction in Digital marketing and its a core expertise of our agency. Whats really cool about CRO is that if done properly it makes you WAY more money out of existing advertising spend. 

CRO is similar to UX but concentrating on $ value out of each visitor instead of how much did they like your web site. 

CRO is a very interesting process of applying analytic research with UX assumptions and years of experience in order to turn more web site visitors into clients/leads

Ideal clients for this service:

- E-commerce businesses

- SAAS platforms 

- Service businesses like Lawyers, Doctor's offices, CA's etc

Our Conversion Optimization process:

1. Of cause we start by reseraching your existing Landing Pages or Sales Funnel pages. Thats when we deep dive into Google Analytics t identify key pain points.

2. Usually we get to interview real users to collect appropriate feedback about your web site. Also we use session recording software so we can actually see how your users behave on the web site

3. Based on the above reserach we design alternative pages and set up A/B testing to measure impact of new design on conversions. 

4. We run multiple A/B tests in order to achieve best possible Conversion Rate. Ideally CRO is a non-stop process, there is always things to test and improve

5. What really cool is that everything we do can be measured and evaluated in dollar value. We make you Tones more money. Guaranteeed!


For many business one time clients is all what they need, for example lawyers, home renovation companies etc. But if you represent industry where things like Return rate, Repurchase rate and Live-Time-Value are priorities then you are at the right place.

We help companies of different sizes to create, set-up, maintain and automate retention and engagement programms. If you would like to monetize your database, increase ROI and profit margin please get in touch with us.

Our  Retention Optimization process:

1. Analyze existing database 

2. Set up tags and triggers for each user. For exampe: male/female, frequent buyer or one time buyer, from USA/China etc

3. Run test campaigns to identify opportunities

4. Set up automation to run renention proggrams on the go

5. Discover more opportunities

6. Repeat.


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